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Abigail-Harman_Real-Estate-PhotographyM409 Obs Rise_Abigail-Harman_PhotographerWe lived in Observation Rise for several years and loved being so close to the ocean. Yesterday I photographed M409 which has been beautifully renovated. It’s light and airy with a very cool vibe. I can’t imagine it will be on the market for long. I love photographing a really nicely styled home like this one.

Abigail Harman_Obsservation Rise

Abigail Harman_Observation Rise composition

Always a pleasure photographing apartments at Observation Rise, Scarborough, as we lived here for about five years a few moons ago! I really love photographing property especially ones that have been renovated and styled as has this one. I needed was my tripod so I could make bracketed exposures to be able to encompass such a wide tonal range. The eye sees about 10-14 ‘stops’ of light whereas a DSLR camera only sees 8-11 ‘stops’. If you point your camera at the window to get a correct exposure of the exterior the interior will be almost black. This is not how the eye perceives this. However, with the bracketing, some flash, and careful editing, I can bring the scene back into the normal range.

Real Estate Photography by Abigail HarmanReal Estate Photography by Abigail HarmanLove to photograph twilight shoots especially when the property is as well presented as this one was the other night. The clients were super happy with the images. That’s what I like to hear 🙂

real-estateI really enjoy Real Estate photography! This last week I have photographed a few properties but this large family property in Inglewood was a particular joy to photograph. It was surrounded by palm trees and the house itself reminded me of Queenslander architecture that features amazing verandas. It was well worth going back at dusk to get some twilight shots of the interior and exterior. It was so beautifully presented, I didn’t need to move anything! It is for sale with Irving & Keenan and should be up on their website shortly. I think whoever buys it will have a home that is really special.