Corporate photography – Stephen Smith

I love corporate photography!
It was 3 degrees this morning at 6.15 when I set off for the University Club at UWA to do some corporate photography at a Breakfast with Stephen Smith. Now he is a private citizen and retired, he has agreed, amongst other things,  to be Vice Patron of the wonderful charity, Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA. Stephen was Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs for six years and has had many years of parliamentary experience. His tales were funny and adroitly told. I came away thinking what a truly nice man he is. The Arthritis Foundation of WA is one of the charities I support and it’s a fantastic organisation. I am also a founding member of the Fremantle International Portrait Prize which runs a world-wide photographic competition every two years and gives the proceeds to this charity. I love corporate photography. It’s always a challenge. The light in this room at the University Club was quite low and the speaker was in front of the window which makes balancing flash a little trickier. 

corporate photograph by Abigail-Harman

corporate photography by Abigail Harman

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