Observation Rise, Scarborough

Abigail Harman_Obsservation Rise

Abigail Harman_Observation Rise composition

Always a pleasure photographing apartments at Observation Rise, Scarborough, as we lived here for about five years a few moons ago! I really love photographing property especially ones that have been renovated and styled as has this one. I needed was my tripod so I could make bracketed exposures to be able to encompass such a wide tonal range. The eye sees about 10-14 ‘stops’ of light whereas a DSLR camera only sees 8-11 ‘stops’. If you point your camera at the window to get a correct exposure of the exterior the interior will be almost black. This is not how the eye perceives this. However, with the bracketing, some flash, and careful editing, I can bring the scene back into the normal range.

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