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Architectural photographer

Abigail is an architectural photographer. Architectural photography is quite distinct from most other types of photography. It utilizes specialised equipment and the photographer employs a very different shooting style and processes in post-production. As an architectural photographer of more than 35 years, Abigail, is acutely conscious of the importance of lines, of perspective, and of putting to use all the available natural light.  Her photographic priorities are to provide you, her client, with wonderful images that showcase your creative talent and your amazing designs. Her architectural photographs tell fascinating stories about the way we live in our built environment and urban landscapes. Because, as an architect, you have put so many years into perfecting your craft, and so much creative energy into your designs, it makes sense to hire Abigail, an architectural photographer who will reflect your undoubted talent.

Architectural photographer for architects, construction companies, hotels, property developers, designers & show homes.

Check out this courtyard, designed by Joe Chindarsi and photographed at twilight along with the exotic bathroom, the infinity pool and the shutters, casting amazing shadows along the deck.

Here are another four residences that Abigail has photographed.

Abigail’s experience, professionalism, efficiency and conscientiousness have made her one of Perth’s most sought-after architectural photographers. With over 20 years of experience, she is able to assure you of top-quality results. Click here to read what her architect clients say about her.

To discuss your architectural photography requirements and/or get a quote, call Abigail now on 0417 874 619 or email


Accredited Professional Photographer Perth
Australian Photographic Society Member
City and Guilds Qualified
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