When you commission Abigail to photograph, she always provide a professional and speedy service as she appreciates you want to see your images quickly. Her service includes:

  • Post production in high and low resolution
  • Same day download link – if the shoot is in the morning
  • Early next day download link – if the shoot is late afternoon or evening
  • Images usually within a couple of hours for Real Estate companies
  • License free images – allowing unlimited usage by your company

Please contact Abigail on 0417 874 619 or email to discuss your particular project so that we can come to a reasonable price considering your budget and her time.

Industrial, Mining and Construction Photography

Please contact Abigail for the fee for half-day, full-day or two day photoshoots.

Onsite ‘studio’ Corporate Portraiture

Abigail charges by time not by number of people photographed. Each image is processed and retouched, and supplied in high and low resolution the same day (if shot in morning) or following day.

Specific Quotations

As each project is unique, it is best to contact Abigail for the best quotation. She is more than happy to discuss your project and help with ideas, and when she knows the location of the shoot, as well as what kind of shots you want and their end application, she will be able to give you an accurate quotation.


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