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I was asked to carry out some corporate headshots in Perth recently for a big engineering firm, KBR and they had very specific requirements – one of which was a grey background and only one light. It actually made for rather beautiful portraits.Corporate-headshots-Perth_Abigail-Harman

What a pleasure it was to photograph Becky Sangster who owns Platinum Mix, a brilliant PR and branding company in Perth. She recently asked me to take some corporate portraits on location to use on her website and on social media. We found some wonderful places in King’s Park that had great natural light.

‘Thank you for my wonderful head shots.  The location you chose was perfect and quality of final images excellent and reflect the relaxed vibe that is always present on your shoots.  Thank you.’Corporate-photography-on-locaiton_Abigail-Harman

Corporate portraits on location





The images you delivered are absolutely fantastic! I love what you have done, and the team obviously enjoyed being photographed.  Many thanks for such a great job and the wonderful photographs.



WOW you have done an incredible job.  It’s so clear, colourful and stunning, you are a true magician!!  I am in awe of your work.  It was such a wonderful, positive experience, working with you.  You were so friendly, professional and you made the whole filming process so quick, easy and fun!!  I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone wanting a true, professional image, that really captures the essence of their brand.  Thank you so much Abbe.

Myia Cleggett is one amazing woman whom I have been very lucky to meet recently. She is a mind motivational coach and a wonderful person. Check out her website and see how she can help you! I loved photographing her – she was a natural.Corporate-portrait-photography_Abigail-Harman

I love doing corporate headshot photography. This was a joyful occasion this morning as we grabbed shots of all these guys who are about to be rewarded for their long service to their company: some 35 years. Their images will appear in a lovely brochure together with their stories which will be given to each of them together with diamond pins and framed certificates. No wonder they are happy!Corporate-headshot-photography_Abigail-Harman