Family photography – princesses, dollies and lollypops




Family photography – I love it!

This family has asked me several times over the years to capture their personal history in photographs. The eldest, who is now six, was just a bump the first time I photographed his mum. Now, there’s a new bump, and the imminent arrival of number three child is really exciting.

These gorgeous children are full of fun and laughter, and everything went really well during the split seconds when they were still.  But after half an hour of putting up with me and my camera I had to use a little bribery to keep them interested. But after the lollipops were unwrapped it was almost possible to get a sensible image. LOL!

Never mind: in the end we did manage to get at least 45 images I’m happy with. Now I can’t wait to get some shots of the new baby in a couple of weeks.

I’ve been doing family photography for about 30 years now. Back in the eighties I was shooting on black and white film and doing all my own developing in my darkroom.

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