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Join us in exploring the magnificent culture and literature of ancient and modern Persia on a 17-day small group tour with Mohammad Hosseini, an Australian-Iranian who immigrated here years ago. Mo is a photographer and also an expert on Persian culture, especially their poets and writers such as Ferdowsi; Hafez; Omar Khayyam; Rumi and Sa’di.

Mo regularly conducts small personalised tours from WA to Iran, and has one planned for the first three weeks of October 2019. John, my husband, who is a professional writer, and I will be going on that one, which is planned to last for 17 days. During that time we ­– and perhaps you – will have the opportunity of seeing some of the greatest sights in all Asia: the royal city of Isfahan; the silent ruins of Persepolis (bigger and grander than those of the Acropolis), and the tomb of the poet Hafez in the ancient city of Shiraz.

Details of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran

Details of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan, Iran

We will be viewing the buildings of the great kings, Darius and Cyrus; following in the path of the conquerors, Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, and standing in the footsteps of the explorer, Marco Polo. Along the way, we will have the opportunity to interact with and photograph the Iranian people who are among the friendliest and most welcoming in the world (as everywhere, the Iranian people are not the government). Also, we will also be treated to a few short talks on Persian writers and poetry and a couple of short writing and photography workshops.

The 17-day tour will be limited to no more than 14 people and it is half full already. Mo anticipates that the cost will be $7,500 – $8,000 per person.

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Mo and John will be hosting an information evening early on 6th February designed to provide more detailed information to everyone who is interested in coming with us on what should be a marvellous and unique once-in-a lifetime experience. Please contact me if you’re seriously interested and would like to attend.


The Blue Cockerel and the National Portrait Gallery

I love to travel! It’s hard to comprehend that a couple of weeks ago I was visiting the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square. I went to London to see David Bailey’s fantastic photographic exhibition called Stardust. I feel so lucky to have been able to see it. So many favourite images. It was the best photographic exhibition I think I’ve ever seen and very well organised. I booked online from Perth choosing a specific morning and 15 minute time slot although once in, I stayed for about an hour. Check out the website because the books are available to buy online and well worth having if you’re keen on Bailey’s images of famous people in the 60’s. The weather was a little strange – cold but ominous sky and I took a few images before scurrying off to The Shard. I will have to put up another post to cover this visit.  When I travel, I now just take my ‘old’ Canon Mark II plus the 24-105 lens which, although reasonably heavy, is worth lugging about.

London travels_2014_Abigail_Harman-photographer

Hong Kong pic

The China Tea Club was The place to go in recent times. John and I always lunched there enjoying the real colonial atmosphere. I believe it has closed recently which is very sad for us since we will be travelling to Hong Kong again at the end of May and I can hardly wait. It is the most exciting city in the southern hemisphere full of noise, intrigue and drama. Hong Kong is made up of Kowloon Peninsula and 236 islands – Hong Kong island being the largest. We stay on Lantau (one of the largest) in on our friends’ houseboat moored in the Discovery Bay Marina which in itself is a real treat. It is peaceful and it’s easy to find beautiful walks up into the hills through peasant allotments full of luscious veggies and discover hidden temples. By contrast, catching the ferry over to Central (Hong Kong island) is always an exciting adventure. Here you can shop till you drop and enjoy amazing food. John is a fan of Brooks Brothers and there are several shops in Hong Kong and we must visit them all!!! I usually get to buy something there too and that makes him happy 😉 My son, Jonathan, lived in Hong Kong for a few years working as a journalist for the South China Morning Post. He was a wonderful guide and host. Hong-Kong_Abigail-Harman-photography