Travel to London


The Blue Cockerel and the National Portrait Gallery

I love to travel! It’s hard to comprehend that a couple of weeks ago I was visiting the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square. I went to London to see David Bailey’s fantastic photographic exhibition called Stardust. I feel so lucky to have been able to see it. So many favourite images. It was the best photographic exhibition I think I’ve ever seen and very well organised. I booked online from Perth choosing a specific morning and 15 minute time slot although once in, I stayed for about an hour. Check out the website because the books are available to buy online and well worth having if you’re keen on Bailey’s images of famous people in the 60’s. The weather was a little strange – cold but ominous sky and I took a few images before scurrying off to The Shard. I will have to put up another post to cover this visit.  When I travel, I now just take my ‘old’ Canon Mark II plus the 24-105 lens which, although reasonably heavy, is worth lugging about.

London travels_2014_Abigail_Harman-photographer

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